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Dr. M. El-Nady, Editor-in-Chief

Associate Professor at Master of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies Program, Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, College of Military Studies, National American University

Blockchain Technology and Terrorist Groups

In many countries around the world, all the universities (public and private), media, and social media are under the government 's watch and censorship. Blockchain Technology has sparked a very innovative global industry sector that could radically transform the existing Internet into more secure, private, and immutable. Therefore, the implications of Blockchain Technology for the organization and practice of Social Resistance are enormous. Activists, media researchers, and politicians praised the role of social media, particularly Facebook, in the success of revolutions in the Middle East, North Africa, and other parts of the world. Social media have shifted from virtual entertainment to real change tool. Unfortunately, social media has subjected to dictatorial governments and most it is now subjected to a fierce campaign to muzzle and intimidate its users, through the enactment of numerous restrictive legislations, the arrest of hundreds of prominent activists, and the assertion that it has been tightly controlled. Therefore, Blockchain technology is essential and vital as it is an effective mean of confronting dictatorships. With Blockchain, and due to the more significant inability of governments to tightly control information, it will be harder to prevent coordinating mass actions such as mass protests and other acts of civil disobedience. However, Blockchain technology has also a negative and adverse impact. With blockchain, and due to more inability of counter-terrorism agencies to tightly control information, it would be harder to prevent terrorist groups from transfer their money and from planning and to execute their terrorist actions.

Second Amendment in 2019

Yes, the Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. However, what arms? A simple gun of 1791 or a killing war machine of 2019. The Constitution gave every American a tool by which he defends himself and his family, and it did 't give him a tool to attack innocent people and commit mass murders. Simply, arms of 1791 are an entirely different thing than the arms of 2019; despite sharing the same name. In the recent El Paso shooting, police confirmed that the shooter used an AK-47 rifle. This rifle has a cyclic firing rate of 600 rounds per minute. It is capable of both semiautomatic and automatic fire. AK-47 is not a defensive weapon, but an offensive weapon. Using it to confront an intruder at home carries a high risk. If an untrained person used this weapon, innocent people might get shot. Also, using AK-47 in hunting is not acceptable. It is like using blasting fishing or using explosives in the water to kill most the fish for easy collection. Keeping and bearing arms were a matter of life and death in 1791. At that time, there was no phone and no car. A police station was a one-person office; sometimes, there were two or three deputies. The sheriff office was not open 24/7. It happened many times that help seeker had to go to the Sheriff's home to wake him up. If there were a home invasion or imminent life threat, it would be a miracle if the police come at the right time. At that time, everyone had to defend himself and his family by his gun. Hunting was not a hobby; it was an essential means for putting food on the table. In 2010, everything changed. The needs for keeping and bearing arms almost has diminished. There are home security systems, cell phones, 911, cars, full staffed police departments, and police patrols working 24/7. As for hunting, it became a hobby. People now do not get their food by hunting. The background to help in stopping these shootings which are happening in our country must include all the individuals who live with the person seeks weapon in the same house, as the weapon will be accessible to all of them. Will doing a background check prevent the shooter from obtaining a gun? The answer is no. He can get gun by stealing it from their family members, friends who live with them in the same house, and by paying extra money to an individual who got a gun legally and in need of money. We may allow selling handguns for self-defence and hunting rifles. However, weapons such as K-47 must not be sold in any place and should be used only by Armed Forces. Our lawmakers as they must not accept donations from foreign countries, they must not accept donations from organizations and companies that are not interested in selecting the best lawmakers for the US, but only for making more profits. We must end the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) 's influences on the decisions of our representatives. Donations from the NRA must be illegal. Human Life vs. Money and Political Gain must not be a subject for lobbying, debating, or negotiating. Many people, including the president, believe that mentally ill people who are those who kill the innocent people and do the shootings; However, it has been proved that most of those who commit these shootings are not crazy, but violent or racists, full of hate and anger. Some of the racist killers believe that by killing non-white is a service or a duty to protect their country or race from color people's invasion. Unfortunately, the number of White-Supremacy, Neo-Nazi, and other such groups is increasing every day. Many members of these groups served in US Armed forces. Some extremist groups encourage their younger members to enlist to get weapons training. The thing that we must give it our full attention is that many well military-trained extremist groups have been trying, for a long time, to form militias or small armies. By allowing these groups to keep and bear weapons such as K-47, we might find ourselves, one day, in front of a shooting that was not committed by just one person but by a small or even large well military-trained group of White-Supremacy or Neo-Nazi. In this case, we would find ourselves having a catastrophe that could be worse than 9/11.

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