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Dr. M. El-Nady, Editor-in-Chief

Associate Professor at Master of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies Program, Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, College of Military Studies, National American University

Blockchain Technology and Terrorist Groups

In many countries around the world, all the universities (public and private), media, and social media are under the government 's watch and censorship. Blockchain Technology has sparked a very innovative global industry sector that could radically transform the existing Internet into more secure, private, and immutable. Therefore, the implications of Blockchain Technology for the organization and practice of Social Resistance are enormous. Activists, media researchers, and politicians praised the role of social media, particularly Facebook, in the success of revolutions in the Middle East, North Africa, and other parts of the world. Social media have shifted from virtual entertainment to real change tool. Unfortunately, social media has subjected to dictatorial governments and most it is now subjected to a fierce campaign to muzzle and intimidate its users, through the enactment of numerous restrictive legislations, the arrest of hundreds of prominent activists, and the assertion that it has been tightly controlled. Therefore, Blockchain technology is essential and vital as it is an effective mean of confronting dictatorships. With Blockchain, and due to the more significant inability of governments to tightly control information, it will be harder to prevent coordinating mass actions such as mass protests and other acts of civil disobedience. However, Blockchain technology has also a negative and adverse impact. With blockchain, and due to more inability of counter-terrorism agencies to tightly control information, it would be harder to prevent terrorist groups from transfer their money and from planning and to execute their terrorist actions.

Second Amendment in 2019

Yes, the Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. However, what arms? A simple gun of 1791 or a killing war machine of 2019. The Constitution gave every American a tool by which he defends himself and his family, and it did 't give him a tool to attack innocent people and commit mass murders. Simply, arms of 1791 are an entirely different thing than the arms of 2019; despite sharing the same name. In the recent El Paso shooting, police confirmed that the shooter used an AK-47 rifle. This rifle has a cyclic firing rate of 600 rounds per minute. It is capable of both semiautomatic and automatic fire. AK-47 is not a defensive weapon, but an offensive weapon. Using it to confront an intruder at home carries a high risk. If an untrained person used this weapon, innocent people might get shot. Also, using AK-47 in hunting is not acceptable. It is like using blasting fishing or using explosives in the water to kill most the fish for easy collection. Keeping and bearing arms were a matter of life and death in 1791. At that time, there was no phone and no car. A police station was a one-person office; sometimes, there were two or three deputies. The sheriff office was not open 24/7. It happened many times that help seeker had to go to the Sheriff's home to wake him up. If there were a home invasion or imminent life threat, it would be a miracle if the police come at the right time. At that time, everyone had to defend himself and his family by his gun. Hunting was not a hobby; it was an essential means for putting food on the table. In 2010, everything changed. The needs for keeping and bearing arms almost has diminished. There are home security systems, cell phones, 911, cars, full staffed police departments, and police patrols working 24/7. As for hunting, it became a hobby. People now do not get their food by hunting. The background to help in stopping these shootings which are happening in our country must include all the individuals who live with the person seeks weapon in the same house, as the weapon will be accessible to all of them. Will doing a background check prevent the shooter from obtaining a gun? The answer is no. He can get gun by stealing it from their family members, friends who live with them in the same house, and by paying extra money to an individual who got a gun legally and in need of money. We may allow selling handguns for self-defence and hunting rifles. However, weapons such as K-47 must not be sold in any place and should be used only by Armed Forces. Our lawmakers as they must not accept donations from foreign countries, they must not accept donations from organizations and companies that are not interested in selecting the best lawmakers for the US, but only for making more profits. We must end the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) 's influences on the decisions of our representatives. Donations from the NRA must be illegal. Human Life vs. Money and Political Gain must not be a subject for lobbying, debating, or negotiating. Many people, including the president, believe that mentally ill people who are those who kill the innocent people and do the shootings; However, it has been proved that most of those who commit these shootings are not crazy, but violent or racists, full of hate and anger. Some of the racist killers believe that by killing non-white is a service or a duty to protect their country or race from color people's invasion. Unfortunately, the number of White-Supremacy, Neo-Nazi, and other such groups is increasing every day. Many members of these groups served in US Armed forces. Some extremist groups encourage their younger members to enlist to get weapons training. The thing that we must give it our full attention is that many well military-trained extremist groups have been trying, for a long time, to form militias or small armies. By allowing these groups to keep and bear weapons such as K-47, we might find ourselves, one day, in front of a shooting that was not committed by just one person but by a small or even large well military-trained group of White-Supremacy or Neo-Nazi. In this case, we would find ourselves having a catastrophe that could be worse than 9/11.

Trump and the Dictators

For money or business deal, Trump welcomes doing business with any dictator or killer. Egyptian people breathed a sigh of relief when the Egyptian junta handed him the power. President Mohamed Morsi’s political philosophy was aiming at achieving economic growth through social fluidity and stable, mature society. President Morsi was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but his religious ideology denoted not a political philosophy but a leadership style. He has vigorous virtues., received a Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Southern California and worked as an assistant professor at California State University, Northridge from 1982 to 1985. President Morsi is an expert on precision metal surfaces, he worked with NASA in the early 1980s, helping to develop Space Shuttle engines. As a highly educated scholar, all his work was based on delving for facts and arriving at conclusions. President Morsi faced resistance from the old regime to change and hence inimical to dynamism. His program was sound money, laissez-faire, and upward mobility through self-reliance. Also, he had problems with a lack of trust. The military who ruled Egypt for more than 60 years, one of their primary goals was distorting the image of the Muslim Brotherhood in the eyes of people, not only in Egypt but also in the world. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (KSA and UAE) used their money to control or manipulate the internal affairs of surrounding countries. While the two countries opposed the new regimes, which followed the Arab Spring in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen, they intervened directly in the Bahraini crisis, then opted not to appear in the picture directly in each of the crises of Libya and Syria. Now, KSA and UAE face two nightmares. First, the fear from the impact of the Arab revolutions on the internal security of KSA and UAE. Second, the fear from the impact of the Arab Spring on the future of the two countries global business, political, and military activities. The KSA and UAE paid a tremendous amount of money to Egyptian TV anchors to spread the rumors and lies around President Morsi to distort his image in the eyes of the Egyptians. With KSA and UAE money, the Media launched a mass propaganda campaign to convince the people that President Mori was aiming at using Muslim Brotherhood’ ideologies as a doctrine of governance. KSA and UAE paid considerable sums to El-Sisi, Egyptian generals and security forces to incite the June 30 protests in an attempt to recover new forms of old military rule and legitimize the army's takeover of power. Initially, what happened on June 30 was filmed as a popular movement. A group called Rebellion led calls to overthrow Morsi on June 30. Later, the role of the army in managing Rebellion came to become apparent. The leaked phonogram shows that a Rebellion was withdrawing a substantial amount of money to cover its expenses from a bank account run by the Egyptian generals and fueled by KSA and UAE. Immediately after El-Sisi' coup, thousands protested and announced their rejection to El-Sisi's coup, especially since President Morsi was the first president in Egypt's long history to come through free and fair elections. El-Sisi angrily ordered to break these sit-ins by force. El-Sisi ordered the army and police forces to shoot at the protesters, especially in the area of the head or the chest. His goal was not only to disperse the sit-ins but to kill his opponents. The El-Sisi forces killed more than 3,000 Egyptians in a single day, including women, children, and the elderlies. Many doctors volunteered and set up a temporary field hospital to help the injured. Sadly, El-Sisi’s forces assaulted the doctors and ordered them to evacuate the hospital, and when the doctors informed them that transferring the wounded in this condition poses a considerable risk to their lives, El-Sisi’s forces opened fire and killed all the wounded then burned the hospital. El-Sisi forces started kidnapping, torturing, and killing the people in the streets and homes until today. For over than 100,000 of his opponents, El-Sisi built new prisons. His prisons were designed for torture, disease, and overcrowding — twenty- nine terrifying pits of chaos and despair. Many of his opponents have died from the condition of the cells, lack of food and medicine, and torture. The last one who has died, today, was the president of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi. With lacking education and experience, El-Sisi announced that he does not believe in feasibility studies. With the government's hubris expanded as its competence shrank, the Egyptian economy collapsed utterly. President El-Sisi of Egypt is Fuc'in Killer, So, said Trump. However, Trump welcomed doing business with El-Sisi for the sake of the Deal of the Century, precisely as he did with Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia whom the CIA confirmed that he is a bloody psycho sadistic, just for his money.

First-year Sigle Father

I met my wife in Poland, she was beautiful, and I lived with her the happiest days of my life. Her name was Liana. She was my soul mate. We both love to travel, so we traveled around the world. With Liana, I traveled to all parts of the USA, Canada, England, Italy, Scotland, Georgia, Turkey, Poland, Morocco, Lebanon, UAE, and Egypt. The only problem we had was the children, we had none. We both loved to have children, even just one child. We went to many doctors, but none of them found the problem. However, after 10 years of our marriage, the doctor surprised us. Liana was pregnant. At that time, I had everything, a beautiful, smart, and very kind wife. Liana had vigorous virtues. I had a great job, a lovely house, and above all, I had a handsome, healthy son. It was a beautiful dream. Unfortunately, my dream did not last for a long time. Just one year and Liana told me horrible news which transformed the happy dream into a nightmare, Liana had cancer. Her illness lasted four years, then, I lost Liana. My son, Karim, lost his mom when he was 4 years and 9 months. The children at the age of 6 to 8 years old do not realize the meaning of death, eternal loss. Any child in that age cannot imagine that life could end, he would be horrified when he thinks that his life and life of those around him can suddenly end. If the child age were between 3 to 5 years old, it would get worse. Because I was worry about him, I did not let him attend his mother funeral. I just told him that his mom went to heaven, and she will be thrilled there. I explained the concept of paradise with the most transparent and straightforward way, that commensurate with his age. Many months passed, and Karim did not ask about his mom. However, one day, Karim said to me: "mom has spent a pleasant time in heaven, but it had been a long time. It is enough, tell her to come back.” I did not know what to say. I lost all my words. So, I took his attention, and I played with him some games. At that day, I found myself facing many challenges, the most important of which is creating a healthy environment that provides him with balance both psychologically and existentially. I found myself must fill the void that Liana left in Karim’s life. How can I move forward and establish a happy family life in the absence of one of its two central pillars? How can Karim be raised without a mother's love? I recognized that I may not be able to handle my new situation. Karim was too young ... I was afraid because Karim did not understand the new situation. I felt that I am not ready for that and tend to surrender. However, I found that I must try as much as I can to overcome my pain, not to be trapped in the house, and to refrain from social life. The departure of my beloved wife was very painful, but I recognized that I should not give up. On the contrary, I had additional responsibilities, and I must be courageous and positive, to be able to manage my family. My frustration, not looking to the future positively, should not pass on to Karim, who in turn will act on the basis that his life is meaningless in the absence of his mother. I found that an optimistic, courageous, and rational father means optimistic and successful children with a positive outlook for the future. Karim changed, he became sad most the time, after he was happy always. His teacher in pre-school informed me that Karim was crying almost all day. In school, Karim felt insecure and distressed when he saw his classmates with their mothers. It became clear that it is not easy for him to be adapted to the social environment after the loss of the mother. I felt that Karim mustn't be isolated. Liana and I do not have brothers or sisters so I cannot bring his relatives to allow him to open to society. So, I made him join a karate school and a swimming school. I left the space for Karim to express his grief by crying. I did not ask Karim to stop crying. In my opinion, crying is a healthy way of expressing feeling and should not be absorbed within. However, it seemed Karim’s grief was much more than I thought, and to overcome that kind grief, it became clear that Karim needs to confront their feelings and express it honestly and discuss with someone who can provide him with psychological support. Sometimes, children need medical or specialist assistance, as the situation should not be neglected. I took Karim to a specialist. The Specialist started by telling Karim that his mom can see him and hear him from heaven. Suddenly, for me and I think for the Specialist, as soon as she said that, Karim raised his face to the ceiling and with the loudest voice, he screamed: "Mama come back." A year passed, Karim and I successfully managed to adapt to the new life without Liana. The reason for that success, in my opinion, was due to the changes which happened to our relationship. We got closer to each other and listened more to each other. Each one of us stood by the other. Not only the father can raise the spirit of his little boy, but the little boy can also do the same thing for his daddy.

Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads

It has been said, "Skiing is expensive, but it is cheaper than therapy; Skiing is more than a sport, it is a way of life; You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy a ski pass; and When life gets complicated, go snowboarding.” Last year, I had the most beautiful Christmas ever in all in my life. I spent one week in Aspen, Colorado. The skiers there were Americans from all parts of the United States of America and foreigners from the seven continents. Sometimes, I felt the joy of the one who is traveling across America, and other times, I felt the pleasure of the one who is on a trip around the globe. When I remember those days, I remember a beautiful dream. To me, each day I spent was an unforgettable day. Aspen is not a local resort nor national resort; it is number one international skiers heaven. During the late 19th century, the town produced a sixth of the world's silver. The ski area was covered with silver mines. One of the largest mines was called "Ajax." Therefore, one of the Aspen Mountains took the name of "Ajax Mountain. The beautiful mountain town has four ski resorts - Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain, Aspen Highlands Mountain, and Buttermilk Mountain. While Aspen, Colorado is known as a travel destination frequented by the rich and famous, It also, a travel destination for the middle class. Aspen Mountain is the destination of dreams for any skier. In Aspen, there are different types of slopes suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional. Aspen, Snowmass skiers love the ultimate challenge of "Power of Four." Mount Aspen or the Aspen Heights is excellent in the winter. It contains a wide-open bowl called Thunder, which is very popular with the average skiers. The mountain biking in Snowmass is superb in summer as it has low blue mountain’s trails. The nearby Bell Mountain, where there is the most extreme and challenging terrain in the world, offers some of the best skiing anywhere, followed by Walsh's, then Hyrum and Kristi. Aspen has the most beautiful resorts in the world where skiers enjoy skiing and stunning mountain landscapes. Winter the ski season, which runs from December to March. Also, many people visit Aspin in the summer during the festival season. Tourists love the mountain bliss with temperatures in the seventies. They love Roaring Fork, Musical outdoor performances, performances at various festivals, touring the Silver Queen Gondola above Aspen Mountain, and enjoy a delicious culinary experience. Residents of Aspen have a unique character which you can see in their eyes, the beautiful mountain views together with many festivals, great music, delicious culinary, and unlimited of fun activities, reflected on lucky Aspirins. If you look at the eyes of locals, you see excitement and happiness. The income of most Aspirins depends on tourism; they see people from around the world, people from differed races and ethnic background. Therefore, people are friendly to the maximum limit and love to help. Prejudice, racism, and bigotry do not exist in beautiful Aspen. .

1979 the year of the US vs. Iran

In 1979, there were many Iranians students in the U.S. At that time, the majority, if not all, those students used to love America, American people, and American culture. They were happy in the U.S.A. Suddenly everything changed. Suddenly, Shah Iran was forced to leave his country with a tremendous amount of Iran's money which were in the U.S.'s banks. Khomeini's government asked the U.S. to return the money. The U.S. refused. Khomeini was a powerful, aggressive man. He created the Hostages Crises. When Americans heard about the American hostages, they all not only hated Khomeini but also hated Iran and the people of Iran. Maybe Khomeini hated America, but not its people. So, the hate started in 1979, from the American side, not vice versa. American T.V. host visited Iran and interviewed many people in the streets; he said that Iranian people are amicable, and they love America. Iran/K.S.A.'s problem is not a Sunni/Shiite problem. Before 1979 and during the Shah time, the relation between the two countries was good. The problem is that K.S.A. hates any people revolution as it considers a threat to the Royal family. They do not want Saudi people to do the same. That is why K.S.A. has been against all Arab spring revolutions. Saudi Arabia could not explain its problem with the Iranian government. Saudi Arabia cannot say that the problem is because K.S.A is against any revolution. Therefore, Saudi Arabia needed a reason or a title for this problem. So, K.S.A. attributed the problem to Sunni and Shia conflict. K.S.A. then began its propaganda that aims to convince the world that the Shiite people were terrorists and evils, and Iran is developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, and it seems that K.S.A. succeeded its propaganda to some degree.

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